Participation rules

Supplement to the AT Contest General Regulations

Last revision: 13/02/2019


 Art. 1: Participation:

1.     The contest is open to all AT and Non-AT stations.

2.     There is no need to send registration forms or registration fees. Participants will be registered after the submission of logs related to the contest period. Non-AT stations can ask to be registered in the database of the electronic program to accelerate the name registration process.


Art. 2: Duration:

1.     The contest takes place from 00:01 GMT ofSunday March 10th, to 23:59 GMT of Sunday March 10th.

2.     If, for any reason, the date of the contest needs to be modified, the new date will be communicated with adequate advance on www.alfatango.org


Art. 3: Band and modes:

1.     The activity must take place on the 11 meter band and PHONE only.

2.     The 100 KHz-band portion, that is the portion between 500 and 600 inclusive (DX portion), must be peremptorily kept free (canít be used). QSOs realized in this portion will be invalidated, penalties and disciplinary actions will be applied. Furthermore, it is possible to call on .555 and move to make the QSO in the band portion desired.

3.     It is recommended to use both the lower portion 405 Ė 495 and higher portion 605 Ė 855

4.     All participants are asked to comply with the legislative regulations in force as regards the use of their devices and frequencies.


Art. 4: Categories:

a)    SINGLE OPERATOR: Lady or Hunter Category

b)    MULTI OPERATOR: Not allowed

Art. 5: Territoriality:

1.     The transmission from an Other Country different from that of the residence must be done using the strikethrough for example 328 / 1AT10, meaning that we transmit from Croatia, although it is an Italian station.

2.     It is not allowed to change Country during the Contest

3.     It is not allowed to transmit from a moving vehicle


Art. 6 Validity:

1.     To be considered valid, the QSO must compulsorily contain: the progressive number given and the progressive number received, the full callsign of the contacted station, the country and the category of the contacted station (Lady or Hunter).

2.     QSOs with both categories are valid, for example Lady with Lady, Hunter with Hunter, even if the main purpose is to contact Lady stations.

3.     There is no need to send any QSL card for the accreditation of QSOs.

4.     QSOs must be bilateral and verifiable, in the absence of correspondence to verify the veracity of what declared, for example in case of unreceived logs, the QSO will not be accepted.


Art. 7 Scoring:

1.     Hunter Station contacts Lady 20

2.     Hunter Station contacts Hunter 1

3.     Lady Station contacts Hunter                                    2

4.     Lady Station contacts Lady  5

5.     Lady or Hunter Station, for every Country contacted10     

6.     Multiplier: every Lady station is counted as multiplier as well


Art. 8: Ranking:

1.     The Contest Manager will draw up the rankings for the admitted categories.

2.     The final rankings will be announced at the annual meeting in Asti and published on www.alfatango.org

3.     The rankings, both for Lady or Hunter Stations, will be determined adding up the points gained for every valid contact, multiplied for the number of multipliers.

4.     In case of draw (equal points) the same placing will be allocated.


Art. 9 Log:

1.     Only AT Womanís Day official log sheets specifically realized for this contest or photocopies of them will be accepted (log sheets can be downloaded on this link: alfatango.org). Electronic logs produced with the dedicated software of this contest will be accepted as well.

2.     Paper logs must clearly indicate the callsign, the operatorís name and the participation category as header.

3.     It is compulsory to use the progressive number of registration of QSOs, which must respect the exact chronological order of the established contacts. Every operator must give his progressive number to the contacted station and receive confirmation. Itís not necessary to exchange other reports.

4.     Paper logs must contain all QSOs made with the respective progressive numbers. In case of double QSOs or in case of missing progressive number, the corresponding line must be nullified with a single and clearly visible red line, keeping readable the underlying content.

5.     Paper logs must be sent and received peremptorily no later than March 31st of the current yearLogs received after this date will NOT be considered valid and will be excluded from the competition.

6.     Logs different from those requested, written in a non-readable way, or written in an incomplete, incorrect and not professional way or not sent at the place of competence will not be taken into consideration; this will entail the exclusion of the station from the final rankings and consequently will not help to increase the score of the belonging province or region.

7.     Paper logs must be sent to the Contest Manager: 


Diana P.O.Box 76 (centro) 48121 Ravenna Ė ITALY



1.      Electronic logs realized with the dedicated software or in electronic formats must be sent to this email address1at011@alfatango.it


Art. 10 Restrictions:

1.     More than one QSO with the same Station is NOT accepted.

2.     Participating to the contest in more than one category is NOT permitted.

3.     Participating to the contest in a category which is different from your registry category is NOT permitted.

4.     Contacting DX expedition stations, S.E.S. or other activations is NOT allowed.

5.     Starting the contest with a progressive number different from 1 (one) is NOT permitted.

6.     Progressive numbers must be only numbers and it is not possible to use different characters, e.g. 27/bis or similar.

7.     It is peremptorily forbidden, for every kind of station, to operate simultaneously with more than one transmitter because this action is considered extremely unfair towards the other participants.


Art. 11: Awards:

1.     Lady Categoryrewarded from the 1st to the 3rd of the final results.

2.     Hunter Categoryrewarded the 1st

3.     Awards ceremony will take place the last day of the annual meeting in Asti.

4.     Awards not collected personally or through other friends will not be sent, but they will be made available to the interested people attending the event (sending through the Postal Service, especially trophies, is not a simple procedure as regards packaging).

5.     An electronic certificate of participation is available on request. Interested people will have to ask for it to the Contest Manager after the publication of the final results.

6.     The Contest Manager can unquestionably decide to increase and/or change the number of awarded participants.


Art. 12: Final Notes:

1.     The authentic interpretation of the present regulation is entrusted only to the Contest Manager.

2.     Clarifications may be requested to the Contest Manager by letter (addressed to the above mentioned address) or by email. The final notes are an integral part of the present regulation.

3.     The attached final notes are an integral part of this regulation

4.     Failure to enter the Log. Please read Carefully as required by the General Rules of the AT Contest


What is not explicitly clarified in these rules is regulated in the Alfa Tango Contest General Regulation in force.