Rules for Participation

Complementary to the General AT Contest regulations

Last document revision: 27 July 2018


Art. 1) Participation

The event is open to all 11 meter operators. No prior registration is required, even if desirable, to better manage the contest management program. The AT stations in good standing are already registered by right.

Art. 2) Durata

The contest will take place on 22/23 September from 00.00 UTC on Saturday at 23.59 UTC on Sunday.

 Art. 3: Band and modes:

  1. The activity must take place on the 11-meter band and only in phone
  2. The portion of 100 Khz. of the band called DX, between 500 and 600 included, must be absolutely free, under penalty of invalidation of QSO carried out in this portion, the application of penalties and disciplinary measures.
  3. We recommend using both lower portions 400 - 495 and above 605 850
  4. Participants are advised to comply with current legislation regarding the use of their equipment and the use of frequencies.

Art. 4: Categories

Two categories are allowed:

SOP Single operator

40Y-SES Special Station

Art. 5: Territoriality:

  1. QSOs are allowed by mobile land stations as long as they are not in motion, and activated within the limits of the declared country
  2. It is permissible to transmit from a country other than the place of residence, using the strikethrough or the call must be xxx / 1AT6 and the log must be filled in with the strikethrough name, there is no need for a prior request to the contest manager.
  3. The 40y stations must transmit from the country of the Prefix membership

It is mandatory to operate from a single country for the entire duration of the contest.

Art. 6: Points 

  1. 2 Points each contact
  2. 15 points una tantum each country contacted
  3. 10 points each ITU ZONE contacted
  4. 10 points for each divisional AT40Y contacted
  5. The AT40YY stations will be used as moltiplicators

 Art. 7: Ranking:

a.    The final rankings will be announced at the group's annual meeting and published on electronic media (bulletin or website).

  1. The ranking is obtained by adding the points obtained for each valid link to the Bonuses for the country and to the linked zones Multiplied by the number of special stations 40Y
  2. In case of a tie, the same ranking position will be assigned.


  1. To be valid, the link must include: the progressive data and the received one, the complete name of the station and the connected Country
  2. For the QSO accreditation it is not necessary to send any Qsl, the only valid confirmation is the correspondent's log. Therefore it is not possible to endorse any connection with Qsl of the connected station that has not sent the Log
  3. The links must be bilateral and verifiable, in the absence of correspondence to verify the veracity of the declared, for example, logs not sent, the link will not be valid.
  4. You can declare a Log Check Log

Art. 10 Logs: 

a.    Only official logs will be accepted if sent on paper. Please use the electronic log made by the AT World Contest program.

b.    The paper logs must include as a header the indicative used and the name of the operator as well as the Country from which it operated.

  1. The use of the progressive registration number of the QSOs is mandatory, which must respect the exact chronological order of the connections. Each operator must then pass his progressive number, starting from UNO, to the connected station and receive confirmation. It is not necessary to pass other reports.
  2. The paper logs will have to report all the QSOs carried out, with the relative progressive numbering. In the case of double QSOs or non-use of a progressive number, the corresponding line must be canceled with a single red line that is clearly visible, but leaving the underlying content of the line itself legible. In the case of Double QSO, the first QSO must be canceled and not completed successfully.
  3. Logs other than those prescribed, written in an unreadable manner, filled in incomplete, incorrect or otherwise non-professional or not sent to the place of jurisdiction will not be taken into consideration, and will result in the exclusion of the station from the final classification.
  4. Paper logs processed by the management program, printed and sent as paper will not be accepted, unless written by the Contest Manager
  5. The paper logs must be sent to the appropriate National Center for Collection, which must be received no later than 20 days before the end of the event, will be the postmark. Logs received after this date will be considered as Check Log

Paper logs must be sent only to :


RECINTO S. Spirito sud 10

14100 Asti (IT)


Art. 11 Limitations

  1. Only one QSO per station
  2. National 40Y stations are limited to one for each Country. In the case of several operators it is mandatory to respect the progressive number. It is therefore necessary to continue the numbering with a Single Log
  3. It is not allowed to participate simultaneously in the contest, as a 40Y station and as a single operator. Failure to comply with this rule will result in exclusion from the rankings.
  4. It is not allowed to start the Contest with a progressive number different from 1 (one).
  5. The progressives will have to be exclusively numerical, and therefore it is not allowed to use other characters, for example 27 / bis or similar.
  6. It is strictly forbidden for any type of station to operate simultaneously with more than one transmitter, as this practice is considered extremely unfair to the other participants.
  7. Autospotting on any medium is prohibited.
  8. It is forbidden to communicate progressive data / received if not via QSO during the contest period
  9. Failure to comply with the points g and h lead to exclusion from the ranking

Point i - For information on this, it is advisable to read the general rules of the AT contest

Contacts Validity Points 10 to 15

 Art. 12: PRIZES:

  1. Single operator Cups or plates 1st to 3rd classified Awards for 4th and 5th classified.
  2. Single op. Non-AT: Plate (if not present into first 5 classified)
  3. 40Y SPECIAL STATION: Plaques or diplomas to the first three classified
  4. Prizes will be given during the Worl AT meeting 2019
  5. Cups or plates NOT given by hand will remain in AT HQ during next three years
  6. An electronis award, on request, will be available by requesting it to the manager
  7. The president 1AT001 Aldo can add. more prizes
  8. The participation awards on paper are no more available

 Art. 13: Final notes

  1. The contest manager is the only person that is the interpreter of all contest rules.
  2. More info can be requested only to the contest manager
  3. The attached final notes are an integral part of this regulation.

 For anything not explicitly specified in this regulation, the rules of the General Regulations of the Alfa Tango Contest apply