AT Contests – General Rules
Last Revision 02/26/2017

Contacts - Validity

1. To be valid the contacts must contain at least the two progressive numbers, TX and RX, the full callsign of the station contacted and the operator’s name.

2. The first progressive number given must always start with 1 (one) and continue progressively without jumps, dupes and/or stroken numbers,  such as 22/bis, 22/ and so on.

3. Will be considered valid the contacts with AT and no/AT stations, in according to the specific contest rules, only if is possible to check both radio contact datas. This means that, if we have a contact with a station that doesn’t send its log, the radio contact will be deleted and won’t be considered for the final result. It is not possible carry out tests on any QSL to confirm the connections to it during the Contest. Therefore certified QSOs with Qsl but in the absence of the corresponding log will be canceled.
4. If a contact is deleted to a station, it is also deleted to the contacted station.

5.  The stations can be contacted only once per any contest, unless exceptions are introduced to the rules of that specific contest.

6. The log for this contest (the paper version also) must be completed by the applicant. The contact can not be confirmed by others (eg QSL Man).

7. In any contest the contacts with SES, Dx-peditions or any other kind of activation are not valid.

8. To be valid each contact must be written down into an Alfa Tango official log sheet or typed into the AT software contest. Other won’t be considered, unless the exception is agreed in advance and with validity just for that specific contest.

9. Is allowed, during the contest, to contact again a station on the same frequency in order to correct and/or confirm a previous radio contact.

10.  Is strictly prohibited, except the exception of paragraph 9, ask the corresponding confirmations by other ways, e-mails, Skype and so on,  either during the contest than during the period of sending logs. This behavior is NOT ETHIC and in addition to disqualification may imply a disciplinary action.


1. Logs with only one contact are valid.

2. The paper logs must always be written using the AT official sheets, in according to the contest to which they refer. The logs not comply will be excluded by the final results and all contacts canceled. The logs must be in      DOC format, not as image format, even if the image is pasted or inserted into a document.

3. The logs manually compiled must be easily readable and the erasures don’t cover what is written. The illegible logs will be disqualified.

4. The electronics log are accepted only if they are realized by the specific software of the contest to which they refer.

5. The logs must be sent within the period defined by the rules of the  contest, anyway not over 30 days after the end of that. The contest manager has the faculty to accept logs received after that date and, if possible, put them in the final results.

6. The confirmation of reception is through the publication of the logs received on these web sites and If the log doesn’t appear in a very few days it means it hasn’t been received or  there are problems. The contest manager is not obliged to confirm the receipt of the logs, anyway.

7. The manual alteration of the log after the end of the contest involves the invalidation of the log and the exclusion in the final results.

8. If  a log is canceled, all contacts will be also canceled to the corresponding.

9. It is forbidden to publish your own or someone else's log before of 15 days of  the date of sending logs to the contest manager. The transgression of this rule involves the disqualification and cancellation of all contacts.


1. The points for each contact and any bonus and/or award are set out in the regulation of each Contest.


Final Results

1. The final results, in according to the type of contest, will be partially available only after the expiry of the period for submission of logs. The complete results will be published during the World Meeting

2. The final results will be announced with special bulletins and/or published on these websites and

3. After the publish of final results won’t be possible insert logs which for any reason were received late

4. Changes to the published final results, can be possible only in case of accepted dispute and/or mistakes in the writing of the final results.

 Prizes & Awards

1. The prizes are decided for each event and are considered as part of the Rules of each Contest.

2. It is faculty of the HQ, in the person of the President, to change the number of winners and prizes, in according to the number of participants. For the local Contest, which aren’t organized by the HQ, this faculty is reserved to the manager of  the event.

3. Generally the awards take place during the World Meeting in Asti.

4. The prizes not directly collected or by another unit responsible, won’t be send. They will stay available at the HQ. Shipping by postal service is available only with the payment by the recipient.

5. Electronic certificates of participation might be available, on request, for some events. The possibility will be highlighted in each regulations.

Paper logs, rules for typing

1. In case of a double contact with the same station, is always deleted the first one.

2. In case of a double progressive released, both contacts are deleted.

3. In case of a missing progressive (number jumped) must be inserted a blank line and deleted

4. In case of missing progressive received, the contact is deleted

5. In case of missing of the full callsign, the contact is deleted

6. In the case of an unknown callsign the contact is inserted with the data  provided by the holder of the log. The checking of validity of the contact will  be done during the control of the finals results.

7. Contacts with unauthorized stations will be deleted

Local contest

1. The local contests should be follow the rules above, for homogeneity in the contests.


1. Any disputes will be friendly solved by the President and at least two Vice-Presidents, who, listened the contest manager and the applicant, will take a decision. This decision will be final and conclusive.


Error codes and possible actions



Possible Actions


Missing check log

Single deleting


Missing contact in the check log

Single deleting


Contact missing in the list of partecipants

Single deleting


Transmitted progressive received wrong by the corresponding

Double deleting


Sent progressive by the corresponding received wrong

Double deleting


Wrong Province - no alignment or modified

Single deleting

Double deleting

Log deleting


Wrong Region - no alignment or modified

Single deleting

Double deleting

Log deleting


Wrong Region and Province - no alignment or modified

Single deleting

Double deleting

Log deleting


Contact with the callsign of member of a multi operators station, which isn’t the callsign of the station taking part to the contest

Single deleting

Double deleting

Log deleting


Contact with a Special Station, DX-pedition, IOTA and so on

Single deleting



Station not valid or not authorized, such as a Lady who contact a Lady in the WD

Single deleting

Double deleting


Station whose prefix is not part of the contest.

Single deleting

Double deleting


The error codes will be applied in  according to the different contests.
In case of errors with more than one possible action, will be applied the most relevant.
It is possible to apply the single deleting for a competitor and the log deleting for the other.
New error codes may be entered in according to the needs for the contacts checking and  for the contest interested

Il Contest Manager
Piero 1AT006